Ruby® Receptionists’ Member Services Area just got a whole lot cooler — and way more convenient for all you Blackberry and Droid users! We’ve made the site completely mobile-friendly, and now it’s easy as pie to update our virtual receptionist team as to your whereabouts, straight from the Member Services homepage! Simply go to and click on “Member Login” (in the upper right-hand corner). You may have noticed the new option for “Whereabouts” on your snazzy new Member Services homepage:

Whereabouts are a great way to relay temporary instructions to Ruby’s expert team of virtual receptionists. Would you like your calls held? Are you on your cell for the rest of the day? A quick update on the Member Services page (or in the Ruby iPhone app), and you’re good to go!

Convenient drop down menus offer options for how you’d like us to route calls as well as timeframe suggestions. If you have a specific date and time in mind, the “Other” option lets you customize the timeframe:

Feel free to update our virtual receptionists as often as you like! You’ll always receive a confirmation email back from us, just as when you relayed your status in an email or over the phone (which still get the job done, too!). Whereabouts are just one way our friendly virtual receptionists are able to sound like they’re right in your office — and with the redesigned, mobile-friendly Member Services Area it’s even easier to keep us in the loop! Happy Whereabouts-ing!