Holly and virtual receptionist Jenny
Staff Cultivator Holly and receptionist Jenny S. going through the Ruby training guidebook!

The virtual receptionist training program at Ruby® is ever-changing and ever-improving. However, one thing that stays the same is our goal to equip our phone answering team with the tools they need to field calls efficiently while putting smiles on callers’ faces. And it all starts on the first day of training. As Joseph A. Michelli outlines in The New Gold Standard, focusing on outcomes rather than individual tasks can create memorable moments of customer service, and we’ve taken that philosophy to heart.

In line with our Ruby Hierarchy of Service Pyramid, Ruby training begins with basics. In initial training, our virtual receptionists gain the skills they’ll need to thrive as members of the Ruby team. We show them how to use our unique software: what button answers a call; where to find the client’s custom greeting; what to say when introducing the call; and how to transfer it to the client, take a message, or transfer it to voicemail.

We also introduce our Core Values right from the start, because once a groundwork of basic skills has been established, we come back to them to work our way up the pyramid. Trainees then focus on the outcomes of fostering happiness, creating experiences (showing how tone and phrasing can make even the briefest exchange an uplifting one), fulfilling unexpressed needs, and making meaningful connections.

Achieving these outcomes is all part of what we call  “practicing WOWism.” (It’s so important to us that Practice WOWism is one of our Core Values!) Our concept of WOWism was captured perfectly in a

Our concept of WOWism was captured perfectly in a recent post:

The WOWism that we hold so dear is really a commitment to listening, always looking for ways to help without being asked, and most importantly, making a personal connection.” When we hear a “Wow!” from a caller, we know it’s working!

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