Easily Track Your Virtual Receptionist Minutes and More with Ruby’s Convenient Member Services Area!

We’ve recently made some really neat changes to Ruby® Receptionists’ Member Services Area, and it’s now even easier to search your call history! Simply log in on the lower right-hand corner of callruby.com. We’ve streamlined the layout so that you can quickly find records of each call as well as track your usage at a glance!

In fact, there’s now a running total of how many virtual receptionist minutes you’ve used this month right on the homepage!

Virtual Receptionists Minutes Used, Month to Date

Easily sort your results by applying filters like “Company” (if we answer phones for more than one of your companies) and “Time Frame.” These filters will stay applied whether you’re looking at Messages, Calls, or your Assist reports. Once you’ve selected your filter, you can click on “Calls” and view details about each call that came in for the specified time period or company. There’s even a minute total and search bar at the top! 

Virtual Receptionist Call History

For easy reference, we’ve also linked messages to calls. If you see a little “i” icon, there is a message associated with the call. Simply click on the call and click “Linked Message” to read all about it!

Another handy feature: the ability to download contact info! Clicking on “Download Contact” will save the caller’s name and number into your Outlook or cell phone’s contacts. This is especially convenient when you’d like to save contact info collected by one of our virtual receptionists in a message.

Do you miss the “grid” of the old version? We’ll take a look at how you can see the same info in an updated grid view in our next post!

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