Last Thursday night, Ruby® Receptionists was honored as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Oregon (number 21 on the small companies list to be exact), and 20 of us, including many of our virtual receptionists, celebrated the honor at the Oregon Convention Center.

Ruby Receptionists: Oregon Best Company to Work For

It was the first time Ruby has entered the contest, and we were simply thrilled to make the list. In fact, of all the awards Ruby has won (and there seems to be a lot lately), we’re the most proud of this one.

The keynote speaker, the owner of a 7-time winning company, offered his 3 principles to live by as a “best company”: 1) listen to employees), 2) act with integrity, and 3) talk straight. An intriguing speech it was, and one that we will take to heart as we move forward. Many of the companies that were on the list weren’t as lucky as Ruby and were hit pretty hard by the down economy. It was interesting to hear about differences between down-sized companies that were and weren’t voted as a best place to work. My suspicion is that these three principles factored greatly in how employees viewed their employer.

So what makes Ruby so great?
7.  The perks  –  Ruby has a Director of Culture who organizes events and office merriment.  We all share the Ruby bike and the library books upstairs.  There’s cable TV for breaks and lunches, a comfortable couch, and even a massage chair.

6.  The coffee  –  What can I say?  We love our Stumptown beans.

5.  An environmentally friendly outlook  –  There are four sizeable recycling bins in the kitchen, and they fill up fast!  Prizes are given to Rubys who create less waste at lunch, our business cards and marketing materials are made from recycled paper, and we’re always finding new and exciting ways to be a green company.  We think outside the box and make it fun to be environmentally friendly!

4.  Our excellent training program  –  It’s at least three full business days before a new Ruby takes her first call.  That first call is always a nerve-wracking experience, but it helps that new receptionists have plenty of practice before going “live.”

3. Our clients  –  We may answer phones remotely, but the companies we answer for consider us part of their team.  They are so appreciative and kind–it’s easy to be happy when you know that you are well loved.

2.  Rubys have confidence in each other  –  I polled the receptionists about their personal top 5, and this one came up more than any other.  One Ruby said that “we’re treated like people, like individuals, not like employees.”  Another commented on our attendance policy being suspended during flu season and the trust and caring that shows for sick Rubys.

1.  The other Rubys!  –  If you ask our HR Manager about her conversations with Rubys, she’ll tell you that this is what she hears the most.  It’s such a bright, fun group that who wouldn’t love co-workers like this?

What has your company done to make you feel special?  Or if you’re the business owner, what do you do to help your employees feel special?