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Small Business Week is the perfect time to brush up on customer service, and these popular blog posts from The Watercooler archives are a solid place to start. Check out our compilation of reader favorites:

3 Ways to Make Your Company’s Greeting Great
Why not wow your callers from word one? A well-crafted telephone greeting sets the tone for your conversation. Choose words that let callers know you’re eager to help!

5 Positive Phrases You Should Steal
Peppering positive phrasing into your conversations shows customers you care. Here are five easy ways to get started.

How to Answer Any Question With Confidence
Arm yourself with these answers, and be prepared for any question that comes your way. Our live virtual receptionists rely on these each day!

3 Easy Tips on How to Be Polite When Answering the Phone
These tips will make sure your telephone etiquette leaves callers smiling.

5 Common Phrases That “Spook” Your Customers
Don’t let your phrasing scare away business! Well-chosen words can help make any customer comfortable and content. This post covers phrases to avoid, and connection-making alternatives.

Small is BIG: How Small Business Can Win the Battle for Customers
This gem from National Small Business 2015 reminds us there’s nothing “small” about what small businesses do!

How to Make Every Office Guest’s Experience Great
Follow these simple steps to ensure your office visitors always have a pleasant experience.

10 Opportunities to Connect with Your Customers
Looking for more ways to strengthen your customer relationships? This list has you covered!

Impress Your Callers with a Customized Spelling Alphabet
Our receptionists look for every opportunity to make a lasting impression, and confirming information with the Ruby Spelling Alphabet® is just one of many ways they create memorable moments. Use ours or make your own!

How to Make the Most of a Short Conversation
Your conversations with customers don’t have to be long in order to be meaningful. When you’re short on time, try these tricks to balance friendliness and efficiency.

Since we’re having so much fun, how about a couple more posts?

Bonus! 5 Reasons Personal Connections Still Matter in Business Today
To build longtime clients, start by creating connections—after all, people do business with people they like!

Bonus! Fess Up to Your Mess Up
Mistakes: we’ve all made them. This guide will help you recover gracefully while gaining customer trust.

Hungry for more customer service help? These posts are just the tip of the iceberg! Use the tools on the right to browse the Watercooler archives for more. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please leave a comment and we’ll happily reply—we’re always looking for new ways to help our readers!