Ruby's virtual receptionists attend an in-office flu shot clinic
Client Services’ Kendra Neal takes advantage of Ruby’s in-office flu shot clinic

Here we go again: the dreaded Cold and Flu Season is upon us. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! Here at Ruby® Receptionists, our live virtual receptionists are an integral part of the businesses they answer phones for, and we do our best to help keep them happy and healthy year-round. We’ve picked up a few tricks to defend our team of virtual receptionists from seasonal sniffles. Here are three ways you can keep your staff in top-notch shape this flu season:

Host a flu clinic! According to the CDC, “the single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get a yearly flu vaccine.” Encourage employees to get a flu shot by hosting a clinic right in the office! Partner with a local pharmacy, and they will send a pharmacist down to administer vaccines on-site.

Wash your hands often. We’ve all heard this one before, but did you know you should wash your hands for 15 to 20 seconds in order for it to be effective? It may sound silly, but singing “Happy Birthday” twice in your head is the perfect amount of time.

Stock your desk. We keep each of our virtual receptionists’ desks stocked with a canister of Clorox wipes and a bottle of Purell, just in case. Alcohol-based sanitizers are a good substitute for hand-washing, and occasionally wiping down your desk will help keep those pesky germs at bay.

Of course, no matter how much preparing you do, you just may get a bug. If so, rest up, relax, and enjoy this hearty chicken soup recipe from Ruby’s very own Sarah Sackett. Cheers to your health!