Top Time Management Techniques

To kick off the New Year, I shared a few of my favorite time-saving tips to help manage your schedule. This week, I’d like to continue with a few more suggestions on how to make the most of your time:

  • Don’t be a perfectionist. As a Client Services Associate here at Ruby® Receptionists, I write a lot of emails to clients regarding anything from their account to phone answering advice. Occasionally, I’ll find myself working on an email for 45 minutes. While it might be important, I’m probably not getting nearly as much return on my investment for the last 20 minutes as opposed to the first 20. At some point, the email is just not going to get any better. Think about opportunity cost; would those last 20 minutes be better spent completing another task on your list?
  • Work to your strengths. I know that I work best on things that take a high level of concentration in the first three hours of my morning. That’s why I focus first thing on quality checking to make sure new accounts are in tip-top shape and composing my Pulitzer-worthy (!) blog posts. It gives me momentum for my day, so I can move on to my all-time favorite parts of the job: working with my fellow Rubys and following up with clients about how to improve our phone answering even more to set Ruby apart from traditional answering services.
  • Don’t stop at a good stopping point. We’re told in school to break projects up into pieces, but don’t let that limit you. Instead of stopping between two parts of a project, stop in the middle of something. Don’t write the end of that sentence; just stop in the middle! Making a quick bullet list of key words below your not finished sentence will help you out when you come back to it. It sounds counter-intuitive, but if I come back to an email that I left hanging in the middle of a sentence, I get back to work much more quickly than if I come back to an email draft and have to start a new paragraph.

Well, that seems like a “good stopping point” for today. Check back soon for Part Three of my time management series, where I share additional tips on how to maximize your time. In the “meantime,” what are your favorite time management tips? Tweet us @callruby to share!