Photo by Brett Jordan

Doing what you say you’ll do may be the table stakes of great customer service, but responding quickly to clients can take it one step further and WOW them. You don’t need to be the Flash to be super responsive; try these three steps to save the day!

Answer calls promptly.

After five or six rings, callers tend to think no one’s there, so they may hang up (and if they’re a new client, they may call someone else who answers right away). Having a virtual receptionist service at the ready can make you look good. Our virtual receptionists cheerfully answer 95% of calls within the first two rings and 99.8% within the first four rings, and we often hear from surprised callers “how fantastic it is to speak to someone right away!” The simple act of a live person answering the phone right off the bat can impress callers and will set a great tone for the rest of the call.

Use ShortKeys.

If you find yourself typing the same phrases over and over throughout the day, ShortKeys can kick start your response time and knock out pesky typos. Our virtual receptionist team uses ShortKeys to write frequently used phrases like “Declined to leave a message, just FYI” and “Solicitation” and help us send lightning-fast, accurate messages. This text replacement software works across a myriad of applications (Outlook, Word, etc.), and best of all, ShortKeys Lite is free!

Bonus shortcut: If you’re on a PC, press CTRL and the up arrow to bring up ShortKeys and add a new phrase!

Save email templates.

When responding to a timely question, having a template saved with some basic info can make a huge difference. Our Client Services team — or Problem Solvers & Happiness Makers, as we call them — also likes to follow every call with an email. For example, if a client has a question on forwarding their phone to Ruby, they’ll talk them through it over the phone. Afterward, they’ll pull up a template, customize it, and in minutes, the client will have written instructions to reference, too!

If you use Microsoft SharePoint, you can save and share your email templates with your team, or simply save them right in your email client. Templates won’t be one-size-fits-all, so it’s best to personalize them for each individual; however, they can sure help you hit the ground running!

What do you do to be extra responsive? We’d love to hear from you! Share by Tweeting us @callruby!