Dazzle callers like Ruby Receptionists' live virtual receptionists
Photo by Michael Pujals

In addition to answering phones for clients, we also make a fair number of outbound calls here at Ruby® Receptionists. Our talented live virtual receptionists often make outbound calls to relay information or confirm appointments on behalf of clients; our Sales team regularly makes calls to potential clients in order to answer questions about how we’re different from an answering service; and our Client Services team makes calls to current clients to follow up on how the service is going and to make changes to clients’ accounts. Our team also writes a lot of emails, but we’ve found it’s best to call when we need to say “no” for any reason, even when responding to an email or online query. Here are three reasons why we think you and your team do the same:

  1. It’s easier to convey tone over the phone. The tone of an email can easily be misconstrued, and even the most carefully-crafted written response can fall flat when it contains disappointing news. Furthermore, a “no” can seem like a dead-end — even if you send the perfect message, you might not get a response when it contains a “no.” When you call, though, you get the chance to converse, and a pleasant back-and-forth is easier to achieve in conversation than in email. Calling increases your chances of having an upbeat exchange.
  2. Calling is a great way to WOW. What if your company doesn’t offer the service someone is seeking. So what? Any opportunity to communicate is an opportunity to showcase your company’s integrity and dedication to customer service. Calling doesn’t take a ton of effort, but it does take more effort than replying to an email, and that extra effort shows you care. It’s an easy way to make a great impression.
  3. You just might get a referral out of it… or learn something, or make a new friend — or who knows! Sure, you’re saying “no” to something, but you’re also reaching out to a person who is interested in learning more about your business. Who knows where a friendly chat will lead! Even if you end up leaving a voicemail, you’re likely to stand out when you call. When you stand out, you and your business are likely to be remembered. And when someone has a positive image of you and your company, they’re way more likely to send business your way.

Bottom line: we’ve found that calling to deliver a “no” can’t hurt, and it can actually help in a lot of ways.  Give it a try, and let us know what reaction you get!