Ruby Receptionists Mobile App

Our Ruby® Receptionists iPhone app has been out for a few months, and we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about it so far.

Clients especially like using the “Whereabouts” section of the app. This feature enables current clients to update their “Whereabouts” so Ruby’s remote receptionists can provide more personalized — and helpful — service. For example, if a client knows he will be at a conference all day, our receptionists don’t need to try his line for an answer. This saves time, which keeps client costs down and caller satisfaction high. The Ruby client doesn’t pay for the time it would have taken for the receptionist to try his line for an answer, and the caller likes the fact that they weren’t kept waiting. In addition, this enables Ruby’s live virtual receptionists to provide a more personalized level of service — it’s as if they saw you walk out the door on your way to the conference!

With the Ruby for iPhone app, clients can update their “Whereabouts” (examples: in court, at a conference, in a client meeting) to change how their calls will be handled for “The Rest of the Day,” “Until Further Notice” or by setting a “Specific Date and Time” at the touch of a screen.

Ruby’s live virtual receptionists are already known for sounding like they are sitting right there in the office, and this handy feature allows them to stay in the loop just like an in-house receptionist.

Are you a current client using the Ruby for iPhone app? If so, please post a comment and let us know how it’s working out for you. We’d love to hear from you!