The Ruby Book Club Reads Contagious Leadership!

A few months ago, our Client Services Director, Ashley Hampton, started a Ruby book club. In the spirit of Innovation and Practicing WOWism, each month we read a new business book about delighting customers, team-building, and other inspiring topics. It’s a great way for us to come together, have some fun, and invigorate the team with new ideas.

Recently, award-winning speaker and CEO of Contagious Companies, Monica Wofford spoke at our staff meeting and energized our virtual receptionist team. We thought her book Contagious Leadership would be perfect for the Ruby book club and indeed it sparked some spirited discussion! We were especially intrigued by her point that different people are motivated by different things (recognition, monetary rewards, etc.), and we will definitely be thinking more about this when we design our quarterly incentive campaigns!

The Ruby Book Club discussing Contagious Leadership
The Ruby Book Club discussing Contagious Leadership
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