Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener came to speak to Ruby Receptionists' live virtual receptionists
Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Earlier this month, our leadership team — including founder/CEO Jill Nelson, our staff managers, and department heads — went to a special strength-based training workshop led by Positive Psychology expert Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener. He literally travels the globe a là Indiana Jones, studying happiness (no really, that’s his job!). During this training session, our staff was so impressed with Dr. Robert’s philosophy that we asked him to return to Ruby to conduct a presentation for our team of bright, friendly virtual receptionists. What Dr. Robert told us was truly inspiring. Basically, there is empirical evidence that happy people:

  • are less likely to contract colds
  • are more likely to volunteer
  • make more money
  • get better customer and supervisor evaluations
  • smoke and use alcohol less
  • get arrested less often
  • get in fewer car accidents
  • take fewer ambulance rides and have fewer emergency visits
  • show up to work on time more
  • are more likely to help a colleague
  • have better safety records at work
  • and live longer!

Seriously. Happiness doesn’t just feel good, it is good.

When I was hired at Ruby and learned that Fostering Happiness was one of the Core Values, I knew it was pretty special. What other answering service can say the same? What other company, for that matter? But when Dr. Robert shared this incredible list, and I considered what powerful effects can come from actively promoting happiness, it blew my mind. So, let’s keep this going, folks! Our virtual receptionists will keep working hard at fostering a little happiness with every call they take, and I hope maybe you’ll be inspired as well.

Special thanks to Dr. Robert for talking to us about what a big impact a little joy can make.