Telephone Tips: Conference Calls
Photo by Andres Rueda

The virtual receptionist team at Ruby® has helped you become a superb conference call participant, but what if you’re the host? First off, if you’re seeking a conference call service, we love Next, our telephone answering champs have a few solid tips for hosting a flawless conference call. Check them out!

Plan time for Q&A. Designating time for questions is a great way to limit interruptions. Let your participants know there’ll be Q&A time at the end of the presentation, or at various intervals throughout — whichever you prefer. It’s as easy as adding a helpful statement like these to your introduction:

“I’m happy to address any questions at the end of today’s presentation.”  

“I’ve set aside time for questions at the end of each segment.”

Interruptions? No problem! If a participant joins the call late, asks a question outside of Q&A time, or broaches a topic you’re about to cover, address the interruption quickly and continue with your presentation.

“Great question! I’ll be sure to answer it at the end of this segment.”

“Welcome to the call! I’ll be happy to get you caught up at the end of today’s presentation.”

“Great question! I’ll be addressing that topic in just a few minutes.”

Limit repetition. When a participant has questions about a topic you’ve already covered, offer to talk about it at the end of the presentation, or take it offline and address it in a one-on-one phone conversation or email. That way, you’re sure to cover the basics during the allotted time, and give additional information to any participants who want to learn a bit more.

Do you have any advice for conference call hosts? Our remote receptionist team would love to hear it! Please share your tips on Twitter @callruby!