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I’m here in Arizona as a sponsor of the State Bar of Arizona Solo and Small Firm Conference, and yesterday I had the extreme pleasure to spend some time with a few Ruby clients in person. Ruby-client Gil Shuga (Law Office of Gil Shuga) was attending the conference and stopped by to say hello. Thanks again Gil; as you said, it’s always nice to put faces to names and voices!

In the evening, I had dinner with Nate Stone (Donison Law Firm) and Andrew Lahser (Law Office of Andrew Lahser); neither of them attended the conference, but both were kind enough to drive over to meet me for dinner. They were excited to meet “a real live Ruby,” and I was excited to meet real live Ruby-clients!

It’s so fabulous to get to hear stories about how Ruby has been able to affect even the crankiest of callers. There was one story about a particularly gruff, querulous caller who took the time to mention how marvelous she thought the receptionist was. Apparently, if we could impress her, we could impress anyone!

It’s also thrilling to hear how having our live virtual receptionists answer the phone can make such a difference in new client acquisition for a solo firm. But best of all, it’s wonderful to fly 1,000 miles, connect with people in the Ruby community, and feel so welcome!