Ruby Receptionists WOW gift

If you’re a fan of classic rock, you’re definitely familiar with the Steve Miller Band. Or maybe you’ve just seen Happy Feet and recognized that cover of The Joker. Either way, there’s no denying that the Steve Miller Band owns a place in rock history.

Ruby Receptionist, Sarah B. definitely knows who Steve Miller is so she perked up a bit when she spoke with a caller of the same name a few weeks ago. Steve called Ruby customer Shelly, searching for estate planning services. Shelly and Sarah shared a good laugh about whether this was the Steve Miller or simply a Steve Miller.

Of course, Sarah couldn’t let this opportunity pass her by. She hopped on Ruby’s Amazon account and found Shelly a CD of the Steve Miller Band’s greatest hits and a Steve Miller Band button.

Shelly definitely got the in-joke! She loved Sarah’s gift and wanted to make sure that she was recognized for going above and beyond.

Customer Service WOW Story

“I just wanted to thank Sarah B. for sending me the Steve Miller Band CD and Button!!! We had a funny conversation the other day about a man that called in named “Steve Miller”, and she actually sent me the CD! I love the Steve Miller Band! Rubies always go above and beyond, but Sarah was really sweet, and I hope you recognize her for excellent service!”
Thank you!

Truly excellent service! Sarah certainly made a genuine connection with Shelly and that music is sure to remind her of Sarah (and Ruby) from now on.

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