Love traveling all over the world

One of the most joyful things about being a Ruby is connecting with our amazing clients on a daily basis. We like to think of ourselves as part of their team, and in many cases, come to know them as part of the Ruby family! One receptionist has gone above and beyond to show her love for our clients. Throughout her travels, Sara-Lee has WOWed our clients by taking the time to visit them in-person! I chatted with Sara-Lee about her experience and the excitement of seeing clients in their element.

Sara Lee
Sara Lee

How long have you been a Ruby?
Let’s see, I’ve been with Ruby for almost 8 years now.

Tell us about your first experience visiting a client.
The first time I visited a client was about four or five years ago. I noticed the client was located in my hometown of Covina, California. I was heading there for vacation and thought, “Why not bring them some Ruby swag?” I took a moment on a call with the main contact at the company to say, “I’m gonna bring you some Ruby love,” and he thought I was kidding! I took Ruby-branded mugs, pens, coasters, and magnets and arranged to meet the client for coffee. It was so fun meeting face-to-face and they were so nice!

Is there one special client visit that stands out?
Last July, my husband and I went to New Orleans for a convention. Prior to the trip, I sent a note to one of our New Orleans-based clients saying I was coming to town and would like to bring him a little something. This client decided to go above and beyond for me, making arrangements for my husband and me to meet him for lunch.

We met him and his lovely wife at Willie Mae’s Scotch House where we enjoyed fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and homemade biscuits I still dream about. Our client had said he wanted to give us an authentic New Orleans experience, and he certainly delivered! He even made it a point to call the next day to check up on us, as well as tell us of some must-see attractions. Since then, our Client Happiness Department will pass along a message every now and then from the client letting me know he says, “Hi!

What compels you to go out of your way to visit our clients?
I just like people! And it’s all about making personal connections, right? What better way than putting a face to a name. Then, when I answer the phone, I have that image, that memory—and it makes me happy.

Where would you love to visit a client next?
In my perfect world, the next time I go visit a client, it will be to Hawaii!

Aloha, Hawaii-based Ruby clients! You may be seeing Sara-Lee in your neck of the woods soon!