If you’ve spent some time in Ruby® Receptionists’ Member Services Area lately (or have been reading the Ruby blog!), you’ve probably noticed quite a few new features. You can update our virtual receptionist team as to your whereabouts, quickly search messages, and monitor your call history all on our newly mobile-friendly Member Services site! Another new addition: you can now easily set up automatic email and/or text alerts for every call our virtual receptionists answer for you!

As you know, when one of our virtual receptionists takes a message for you or transfers a caller to voicemail, she will immediately send an email and/or text message to you. In fact, even if the caller declines to leave a message, our helpful virtual receptionists will send you an FYI message letting you know that they called!

You can also set email alerts for each call that is connected, solicitation calls, wrong numbers, and more!  Simply log into Member Services, located at the lower right-hand corner of the Ruby homepage, and add an Email Notification.

For example, our virtual receptionists are able to answer a number of frequently asked questions without interrupting you, just like an in-house receptionist would (“What’s Dave’s email address?” “What’s your fax number?” etc.). If you sign up for this email alert, you’ll receive a notification of the call with any details the receptionist picked up along the way:

Are you a current Ruby client? We’d love to hear how you’re liking all the new features! Share your thoughts in the comments below!