Did you know that you can look up messages our virtual receptionists have taken for you, right in Ruby® Receptionists’ Member Services Area? And with our newly mobile-friendly redesign, it’s gotten even easier to sort and search for messages on the go!

Though every message is immediately sent to you via email and/or text, it’s nice to have a backlog in one convenient spot. If you ever delete a message too soon, or if you need to find one from a few months ago, simply log into Member Services — we’ve got you covered!

As we previously mentioned, when you’re looking at your incoming calls, you’ll now be able to see at a glance whether the receptionist took a message during the call. If so, you’ll see a clickable “i” icon which directs you to the associated message.

You can also look at a handy list of your messages by clicking on “Messages” on your Member Services homepage. Sort them by Company or Timeframe by using filters on the homepage, or use the search bar at the top. For example:

We started typing in “Smith, Dave” in the search bar, and this message came up. Feel free to use whatever format you’d like; the search feature operates much like Google’s Instant Search, scanning the entire message and updating the search results with every additional letter.

Innovation and Fostering Happiness are two of our Core Values here at Ruby, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer these handy features and make our clients’ lives that much easier. Stay tuned for more info on another neat addition to the Ruby Member Services Area: the ability to set email notifications! You can now sign up for informational emails on every call (or type of call), regardless of whether the receptionist took a message. We’ll be going over the specifics — and benefits! — soon, so keep your eyes peeled!