We’re adding a new feature to the Watercooler called “The Ruby® WOW Story of the Month!” We’re in the business of WOW here at Ruby, and we believe that whatever your industry, dazzling customer service is not only “a nice thing to have,” but in fact, it’s vital to making your business stand out. The key is having the right tools and the right culture.

One of the ways we shape our culture to make exceptional customer service possible is by sharing stories. Stories are a vital part of our business; from sharing compliments to nominating coworkers for a Core Values in Action award, storytelling can create “legends” that will foster happiness, inspire, teach, and perpetuate the remarkable customer service that makes our clients rave about us. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing some of the narratives that inspire us and celebrate those who make Ruby who we are. We’ll kick things off with a WOW story brought to you by thoughtful virtual receptionist Whitney L.!

Virtual receptionist Whitney L.
The ever-cheerful Whitney L.!

As you might know, last March, Ruby completely revamped our communications platform and designed one-of-a-kind proprietary software to provide even better receptionist service for our clients. We also hired our own full-time Software Architect, Steve Severance, so that we can add more features. One such feature we added recently is our “About” field, where our virtual receptionists can add helpful information and get to know our clients better.

Whitney was transferring a call to one of our clients, and she noticed in his “About” field that he was a runner, so she asked him if he had gone for a run that morning. It turns out he had in fact gone for a run, and he shared that it was part of his training routine for his first time in the New York Marathon! Whitney was really inspired by that, and she wanted to make sure that he knew that his Ruby team was behind him and cheering him on from 3,000 miles away on his big day. She did a little searching and found the perfect gift for him. She sent him a running go-belt that could hold his cell phone, keys, and credit cards while he was focusing on getting to the finish line. Whitney also sent a card letting him know that we would all be rooting for him and couldn’t wait to hear how it went.

The wonderful part of the story was when we got a response from this client. He told us that the timing was extraordinary; he was about to order the exact same thing for himself that day!

This story is definitely a favorite around the office, and it is a perfect example of how our Core Values guide us. I will let you in on a little Ruby service secret: Good service comes from doing what is asked of you, but one thing that will propel you to exceptional service is going above and beyond and filling unexpressed needs.

That “WOWism” that we hold so dear is really a commitment to listening, always looking for ways to help without being asked, and most importantly, making a personal connection.

When’s the last time you were surprised with some really excellent customer service? We’d love to hear your story and share the love!