Ruby’s Virtual Receptionists Put the Fun in Creating Community!

Each quarter, we like to add a bit of fun to our virtual receptionists’ days with an incentive campaign. These campaigns are based on our Core Values and tie into our company mission. I’ve already shared with you how we fostered happiness with our Random Acts of Happiness scratch ticket game. This quarter we are focusing on our Ruby value of “Creating Community” with our “Client Connections Bingo” game.

Virtual receptionist Amanda D and her winning bingo board!
Virtual receptionist Amanda D and her winning bingo board!

While anyone can connect calls to another line, we are in the business of connecting people. Ruby isn’t just any old answering service; we relish the chance to really get to know our clients and be a meaningful part of their day. And that’s what this quarter’s campaign is all about.

Over the next six weeks, our virtual receptionists will be embarking on a scavenger hunt, of sorts, to learn more about our clients. The bingo board is filled with actions that help create community with our clients — like sending notecards, making a caller laugh, or sharing stories with the team of all the great connections they have made. They will also be on the look out to learn more about our clients to help them get to know them a little better and maybe even find some interests in common! Each time they complete a task or learn a new fact, they get to cover a block in the bingo board and try for a trip to the bingo prize table!

How do you connect with your clients? Share your fun tips below!

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