How Ruby Can Prioritize Calls To Keep You Focused

How Ruby Receptionists Can Help with Productivity

Time is a coveted asset, no matter what industry you’re in. Ruby®‘s bright virtual receptionist team is able to prioritize calls so that you can make the most of your time. While there are some calls you just need to take, others can wait for a few hours. Following your preferences, our team of virtual receptionists can take different actions based on the type of call. Here are three such types of calls:

  • Potential new clients. The bread and butter of any business, new clients often take precedence. Our savvy virtual receptionists can try multiple lines to track you down for these important calls. For example, she can try your desk phone and then your cell phone, making sure that you’ll get the call even if you’ve stepped away from your desk.
  • Current clients. Perhaps you have a different system for contacting current clients and would rather we take messages for these callers. Our receptionists can take down helpful information in an email or text message so that you can look into their issue before making an informed return call.
  • Family and friends. We have many clients who like us to put their spouses and children through above all else. As long as they identify themselves as such (“Hi, this is Mary, Bill’s wife…“), our virtual receptionists will happily transfer these callers based on your instructions.

These are just a few of the different types of calls we get on a routine basis. Want to learn more about how a virtual receptionist can help you prioritize your day? Take our “What’s Your Phone Personality?” online quiz and learn what options best fit your needs.

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