Ruby Receptionists Volunteer

We at Ruby strive to actively foster happiness, create community, and generally make people’s day just a little brighter. It only makes sense that we extend that same commitment to community service when we’re not answering phones. Last week, a team of Ruby’s helpful remote receptionists embarked on our third annual volunteer night at the Oregon Food Bank.

We brought the usual Ruby enthusiasm to the task of packaging rice and grains. It was hard work, but we gave it our all with smiling gusto. We kept ourselves entertained with jokes and stories, and we may have even had a few group sing-alongs! Visiting the Food Bank each year is a really great opportunity for us to connect as a team, get our hands dirty, and feel proud of our commitment to our Portland community. Fifteen of our remote receptionists and administrative employees worked with several other teams to pack a total of 10,760 pounds of food! That is 57,280 servings of rice and oatmeal that will help ease hunger in thousands of families.

Interested in volunteering with the Oregon Food Bank? You can set up a time to package food, donate, or discover other ways to give. If you’re not in Oregon, try Feeding America‘s Food Bank Locator to find local ways to get involved!

Here are a few pictures of the Rubys volunteering up a storm:

Volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank

Ruby Receptionists Volunteers at the Oregon Food Bank Ruby Volunteer Program