Scratch off game--Employee Incentives Program

Ruby’s talented Kendra Neal has been working on an ongoing series of blog posts about the Ruby® Receptionists Core Values. These values are dear to our hearts, and we’re always trying to incorporate them into our day-to-day operations and office culture.

As a small business, one of our favorite ways to inspire our staff of virtual receptionists is through our incentive campaigns. Each quarter, we focus on a specific task or core value and make it into a game with a fun reward system for achievements. Who doesn’t love a game?

Random Acts of Happiness Employee Incentives Campaign
Virtual Receptionist Monica D. showing her winning cards!

Last quarter, our theme was centered around our core value of “fostering happiness”… and the “Random Acts of Happiness (RAH!)” game was born! The idea was simple: each person in the office received 5 “scratch” tickets to give to their coworkers each week for 8 weeks. When someone caught a coworker committing a random act of happiness — opening the door for another Ruby, giving a caller that extra special Ruby sparkle, welcoming a new Ruby to the team, etc. — they awarded their fellow Ruby a ticket and posted the story on our message board to inspire others.

Scratch tickets revealed either one of 20+ different instant win prizes from coffee and ice cream to a foot spa treatment — or a part of a series. The first Ruby to collect all the parts of a series won a grand prize (for example, displaying all four of Ruby’s core values won Monica P. an Ipad — and Jami spelled out the word “RUBY” to win an HDTV!).

Want to start a scratch ticket game for your office? With the help of Easy Scratch Off Stickers, your office printer, and some card stock, you can be spreading cheer and surprise to employees or clients in no time!

Do you use incentive campaigns for your business? Have any great experiences to share? If so, we’d love to hear from you — please post a comment below!