Ruby Receptionists A-Team

Did you know Ruby® has a team of specially-trained virtual receptionists who can make outbound calls on your behalf? We call them “Assists,” so naturally these talented Rubys make up our “A-Team!” Every day, our virtual receptionists wage a war on unproductiveness and help our clients get things done; assists are one way we do it. Why might you use this feature?

  • To relay information. Need to relay a quick bit of info but you’re stepping into back-to-back meetings? Or do you need to tell someone to bring some files to a meeting but don’t have time for a long call? We’re happy to make these calls on your behalf and let them know!
  • To get more info. Same goes for if you’d like us to gather a bit more information. We’re able to customize what we collect in messages (our virtual receptionists can even gather different info from different types of callers). However, if you’d like us to ask a clarifying question of one person in particular, let us know by replying to the specific Ruby Receptionists message or by sending us an email, and we’ll give them a ring!
  • To confirm appointments. Ruby adds a professional touch to your appointment confirmations, and you’ll be able to save that precious time to focus on what you do best. And as noted above, we’d be happy to relay whether they need to bring anything with them to their appointment at the same time.

For every call you’ll recieve a summary email from the virtual receptionist letting you know who she called, whether she reached him or her, and what information she relayed or gathered on your behalf. In the future, you’re welcome to log into the Ruby Member Services Area (located in the top righthand corner of the Ruby homepage) and view your Assist history and brief descriptions of each call.