“You want to know how to get a crowd going? Say one word: Ruby.”

That’s how Oregon Business Editor in Chief, Robin Doussard, kicked off her presentation last night night amidst cheers… and this was even before we learned where we ranked! The whole group from Ruby® Receptionists was absolutely thrilled when they announced that Ruby is the #2 medium-sized “Best Company to Work For in Oregon!”

Almost forty of Ruby’s virtual receptionists and support staff attended Oregon Business magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon” event last night, and I’m sure we made quite an impression. We brought our usual Ruby enthusiasm to the whole night: enjoying our coworkers’ company after a break from answering phones, making new friends with the other nominees, and listening to some wonderful speeches, including inspiring remarks from local grocery chain New Seasons Market’s President Lisa Sedlar.

In 2010 we earned the #19 spot in the Small Companies division of the list and were extremely happy to have made it on the list on our first try. After experiencing some phenomenal growth over the last few years, we were excited to take the plunge in the Medium Companies category (described as 35-99 employees). Aside from being ranked second among other medium-sized businesses, we were proud to learn that this year we also ranked #1 in Performance Management, #2 in Career Development and Training, and #3 in Benefits and Compensation in the medium category. This is definitely a tribute to the hard work our Receptionist Services department does every day; checking in personally with each virtual receptionist and providing on-going training through “Ruby University.”

What makes the “100 Best Companies to Work For” award particularly meaningful to us, is that it’s based on survey responses from our staff. We were especially touched to see the video interviews from Staff Manager Ang Gray and virtual receptionist Sara-Lee.

We’d also like to give some shout outs to a few of our fellow “Best”-ers: Congrats EO friends Michael Leland of Mortgage Trust and Jim Smith at McKenzie Books! Both nabbed spots on the list, and it was great to have the opportunity to spend a little more time with them. Congratulations as well to Emerick Construction for making the list! It was great to meet you! And who could forget Stumptown Coffee Roasters? We’ve been asked a few times what is in the water up here in Portland to make us so darn friendly, and, you guessed it, a couple caraffes of piping hot Stumptown at the ready definitely keeps us smilin’!

Thanks again to everyone who makes Ruby such a great place to work, and congratulations to everyone who made the list!