This is the third installment of the Core Values in Action series. Be sure to check out my previous posts on Innovation and Creating Community. I know I’ve said it before, but our core values define who we are and what we believe. They are the qualities we would never compromise, no matter how unpopular or unprofitable:  Innovate, Foster Happiness, Create Community, and Practice WOWism. These are the values that drive us.

Where do I even start? Everything we do is built on the belief that Fostering Happiness is our most important job.  How many virtual receptionist services can say that? I know for a fact that it is Ruby® Receptionists CEO Jill Nelson’s favorite core value, and she sure walks the walk. That’s why we’re one of Oregon’s 100 best companies to work for!

How we’re fostering happiness at work:

  • We believe in the power of contagious friendliness. We operate on the assumption that we can leave every caller with a day that’s just a little better because they spoke with a Ruby.
  • Last month, a Ruby switched desks. No big deal, right? Maybe. But Serenity, her new neighbor, made a card and decorated the Ruby’s new desk to welcome her to that side of the room. What a nice random act of happiness.
  • There are always decorations about. From the plastic, sunglasses-wearing T-Rexes to various holiday decorations to the trinkets and photos the receptionists keep at their desks, our office is bright and playful.  It’s like walking into a kindergarten classroom: welcoming, cheerful, and full of laughter.
  •  Did you know that Ruby has a massage chair, a library, and cable TV in a comfy breakroom? That’s right. We also have really good office coffee (provided by local Stumpton Coffee Roasters) and a wide variety of teas. Stop by someday and see for yourself!
T-Rex in sunglasses
That’s right, T-Rex in sunglasses

We’re a happy bunch, and we like to make others happy. We see this concept in our branding, and we see it in our training. But mostly, we see it in our team. We see it in the glowing compliments from our clients. We see it in the smiles and laughter of our peers. Every day, we wage a war on impersonal service and stressed-out workdays.  We take time to celebrate our successes, of which there are many. Work may be work, but that doesn’t mean we all have to be serious all day. Ruby puts the fun and happiness in professionalism, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s worth it because we foster happiness.