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Photo by Hampton Roads Partnership

Our highly skilled virtual receptionists are already amazing at answering phones, but soon they will have even more advanced software at their fingertips to help them! We are absolutely thrilled to announce Ruby® Receptionists’ partnership with Interactive Intelligence and KRP Communications USA Inc. to develop a cutting-edge new software platform!

In the spring, Ruby will replace our existing system with the Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center software (“CIC” for short). Already set apart from traditional answering services by our friendly, professional receptionists, Ruby is implementing this new software to boost our great service — and add in the spice of even more customizable features!

As our current system began approaching capacity with more than 1,000 happy clients, Ruby’s commitment to using the most advanced technology to provide excellent customer service had us weighing other options. We looked at many different systems from Nortel, Avaya and ShoreTel — and ultimately chose CIC for its incredible adaptability.

We’re excited to be working with KRP to tailor the software to meet our clients’ unique needs. The new system will provide additional customized call-handling rules such as the type of on-hold music played and forwarding options, a faster setup for new clients, and more tools to help our receptionists handle calls like no other business answering service!

As Ruby’s founder and CEO, Jill Nelson, put it, “We’ve always provided our clients with bright, articulate, friendly receptionists. Now we can give these talented individuals the most innovative technology so they can provide even better service and we can continue to meet the demands of our growing client base.”

You can read more about the partnership in Interactive Intelligence’s press release. We look forward to working with them and KRP on this exciting new project!