Messages from Ruby’s Virtual Receptionists Are Now Even Better!

Today marks the first full day that our live virtual receptionist service is operating on our customized new platform! You’ve heard that our clients now hear a beep when one of our virtual receptionists cheerfully transfers a call live, and one other difference clients may notice right off the bat: additional info in messages!

You’ll still receive all the same detailed information from our virtual receptionists, but now our system automatically appends the caller ID name and number to every message! When a caller leaves a voicemail or declines to leave a message, or in the rare event that they decline to state their name or provide their phone number, their caller ID contact info is conveniently included with your Ruby notification. Here’s an example of what your sleek new messages will look like from now on:

Another neat feature included in messages is the handy time stamp — now in your local time zone! Let’s take a gander at the time stamp in the sample message:

Our virtual receptionist sent the message at 2:23pm Pacific, but since Dave’s T.V. Repair is on the East Coast, the message automatically converted it to 5:23pm — local time in the Big Apple!

We hope this supplemental information in messages will make our clients’ days even easier!

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