Ruby Receptionists Culture: Practicing Wowism

I know y’all have been waiting with bated breath for this fourth and final installment of our Core Values in Action series. Our Core Values define who we are and what we believe; these are the values that drive us. So far we’ve talked about Innovation, Creating Community, and Fostering Happiness. When all three of those values come together and maybe with a little bit of Ruby magic, you get something really good. Something so good we had to invent a word for it: WOWism.

What is WOWism?

There are a lot of times when we could sit back on our heels and wash our hands of a situation. Phone trouble? Talk to your phone company. Stuck in traffic and need to tell a client you’re late? Call him yourself. Left your cell phone at home? Guess you don’t have anyone’s contact information today! But that’s not Ruby. We’ll help you talk to your phone company, our live virtual receptionists will make outbound calls for you, and we can help dig up old messages. And if we can think of anything else that might be helpful, well then, we’ll do that, too!

Our Client Services Department is a big part of Practicing WOWism. Their top priority is making sure we answer calls in a way that works for the client. If our “default settings,” as it were, aren’t exactly what you need, no worries! We’ll keep working with you to find what works best for your company and your callers.

In fact, Missy Malone, a current Ruby client who owns a mobile spa service, Spataneity, said just the other day that, “Ruby® Receptionists goes above and beyond anything more than I could ever ask for in customer service…You Rock!!” And not to toot our own horn, but we frequently get these kinds of responses; people are amazed — WOWed even! — at what we’ll do to make our clients, callers, and fellow virtual receptionists’ lives easier.

We’re not just about answering phones. We’re about making your day. We don’t do fine — we hit it out of the park. We’re about finding that special something that will knock your socks off, and giving it to you before you even know you want it. Nothing gives us a bigger kick than impressing our clients and team members. More than impressing, really — surprising, delighting, WOWing. Simply doing a good job isn’t enough for us.

We make our mark by practicing WOWism.