The Ruby® Receptionists office is full of crafty and creative ladies. When our virtual receptionists are not giving callers the excellent customer service they deserve, the ladies at Ruby are often seeking out new artistic outlets. Our multi-talented New Client Programmer, Heather Q Brackett, has a not-so-secret talent for screen printing, so when Heather offered to share her craft with the team, we jumped at the chance! Last week, after a day of telephone answering, a group of 10 eager Rubys gathered to learn the trade of screen printing and also help contribute to printing the Ruby Race for the Cure team t-shirts!

Client Services Rep. Heather Q and virtual receptionist Ellen W. working together to make a print!
Heather Q and Ellen W. work together to make a print!
Sara Briggs takes her turn to make a sample print
Sara Briggs takes her turn to make a sample print

Heather makes our first tshirt for this year's Race for the Cure

The Race for the Cure is just about a week away, and with these snazzy t-shirts handmade with care, our team of remote receptionists is sure to be walking in style for a great cause. If you are interested in learning to screen print, check out this handy video tutorial from Make Magazine!

Are you attending the Race for the Cure in Portland? Come meet up with us! We’ll be meeting this Sunday at 8:30am on the corner of SW 2nd and Morrison.  We’d love to have you walk with us!

Or, if you decide to “Sleep In for the Cure,” you can always make an online donation!