Last night, 12 of Ruby’s finest embarked on a mission to save trees. The party gathered in our conference room and, fueled only by a snack table and drive to make trash into new treasures, they began turning 60 pounds of paper and cardboard into new notepads for our office!

Going Green at Ruby Receptionists

Rather than simply recycling our single-sided printed papers, the brilliant minds at Ruby decided to kick it up a knotch and reuse them!  We reuse cardboard packaging to create the backing of the pad, pile on the paper (blank side up of course), and then use a homemade vise grip to hold it on in place while we apply a padding compound to adhear the pages together.    In just two short hours, the team cranked out 150+ new notepads to be used in the office and had a great time together in the process!

Ruby Receptionists Green Initiatives

Ruby Receptionists Green Team

When we say we are committed to reducing our waste, we really do mean it and now our office has a great new stash of notepads to show for it!