We are proud to announce that Ruby Receptionists has made the Oregon Business Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon! And we made #19 on the list!

L-R: Jewel, Serenity, Charlene, Janel, Pheobe, Tasia, Sarah, Jill, LeAnna, and Cat

At Ruby, we take our commitment to green living seriously. You’ve already heard about how we reuse our single sided paper, but our environmental consciousness runs much deeper. We do not use disposable dishes or plastic-ware and choose green cleaning products whenever possible in our kitchen. We have implemented a waste reduction campaign which offers our staff a chance to win sustainable prizes when they choose to reduce their lunchtime waste. With this campaign in place, Ruby now recycles twice as much as we throw away!

The office runs on wind power energy and our newest office spaces use energy efficient lighting. We are making a transition to make all of our light fixtures energy efficient. Ruby also offers a monetary alternative transportation incentive to help reward our employees for choosing more environmentally friendly modes of transportation like riding a bike or taking public transit. Along with these big strides, we also recognize that some of the things that can make a big impact, start small. By simply choosing to always print double sided, we waste less paper. We also choose recycled paper when creating any of our marketing materials.

We are proud of our achievement with this award, but what is behind it is an ongoing commitment to this sustainable and green way of doing business. We are looking forward for new ways to keep reducing our waste and keeping Ruby on the forefront of green practices. To keep up with this commitment and help us reach new heights, we are proud to announce the formation of a “Ruby Green Team”. Our Green Team is a group of receptionists and staff members that will meet on a monthly basis to brainstorm new action plans and help support the office to implement them. We are so excited to see what our team will come up with next!