Last Wednesday, several of our virtual receptionists and other staff members got together to spend some time Creating Community and saving the planet, one chic sweater at a time. How, you ask? With a clothing swap, of course!

The Ruby Green Team and Event Planning Committee teamed up to organize Ruby®‘s third annual clothing swap. Ruby’s virtual receptionists filled the break room loft with a heap of garments and accessories to exchange. By trading clothes, Rubys are able to get some lovely new threads for their own wardrobes, and we are also saving clothes from ending up in landfills and reducing our carbon footprint by reusing instead of buying new!

After the event, our Green Team sorted out business attire to donate to Dress for Success, a charity that provides interview clothes for women in need. The remaining clothes (two car loads worth!) were donated to Goodwill. The night was a huge success, and was a win-win-win for us, the community, and the environment! It’s definitely events like this that have made Ruby one of the “100 Best Green Companies to Work For!” A few highlights from the night:

The next time you’re looking for a fun event to inspire your staff, try hosting a clothing swap! We promise you’ll have a blast being green!

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