We are celebrating three Ruby® anniversaries this month! Outgoing Client Services Associate Sara Briggs and gregarious virtual receptionist Sara-Lee B. are both rocking their third year at Ruby Receptionists. Congrats go out as well to thoughtful virtual receptionist Hilary P. who is celebrating her first year at Ruby! In honor of their anniversaries, here’s a little more about each of these talented gals:

What’s your favorite part about working at Ruby?

Sara Briggs: The sense of family and the friends that I have made. The women that work here are solid, forward-thinking, extremely strong ladies.

Hilary P.: At Ruby, we’re never treated as just another face in the office crowd — it’s a family. We laugh together, help each other through hard times, everything.

Sara-Lee B.: It would have to be the insanely cool people I work with. These people are funny, whip-smart, loyal and kind. Not only do I have great co-workers but I’ve also made life long friends. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

What’s your favorite part about living in Portland?

Sara Briggs: I definitely like the music scene here.

Hilary P.: There’s always something amazing going on! Whether it’s a street fair, a crazy film festival, or a theme night at a club, Portland definitely always keeps it interesting.

Sara-Lee B.: Waking up to the sunrise over Mt. Hood…. You just can’t get that anywhere else.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at Ruby?

Sara Briggs: I enjoy cooking with my boyfriend and hunkering down to watch some horror movies. I’m a bit of a horror fanatic. I also enjoy creating elaborate costumes for various occasions [see above for my getup from the Ruby Barn Bash], submersing myself in music, and heading out for nights of dancing with the ladies.

Hilary P.: Crafting! I love to make things from felt, like wallets or soft toys. I’m working on a line of cell phone cases that are shaped like monsters and robots!

Sara-Lee B.: I also love to craft in my “off” time from Ruby. I am a profitable Macaroni artist. Yes, I said Macaroni artist, however, I am thinking of branching out into the wonderful wide world of buttons….