Ruby Receptionists Mobile App: Status

In a traditional office setting, you might have tapped your receptionist on the shoulder; a quick, “I’m headed to lunch for an hour!” would have prompted her to let callers know that you’re at lunch and offer to take a message.

Ruby’s virtual receptionists may not be physically in your office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sound just as familiar! With Ruby, Status updates are a virtual way to keep us in the loop, so that we can make stellar impressions for your callers.

Simply use the Status tool in your mobile-friendly Member Services Area or in your free Ruby iPhone app, and we’ll happily change the way we handle your calls for any length of time you like!

For ideas on how to best utilize this feature, check out our clients’ most common Status updates:

In a meeting/At lunch/In court. Add a note about where you’ll be in the Special Instructions section, and we’ll gladly relay that information to callers and offer to take a message.

For example, write “Meeting” and our virtual receptionists will tell callers: “John is in a meeting at the moment, but I would be happy to take a message!”

Out of the office. No need to stay chained to your desk, waiting for your phone to ring – we can transfer calls to your cell phone or any number you like! Or if you prefer, we can immediately email and/or text your messages to you while you’re away.

Hold calls. Need some peace and quiet while concentrating on a project? We can skip trying your line and simply take messages for any length of time you wish.

Out sick/On vacation. We’ll inform callers so they have realistic expectations of a return call: “Rachel is on vacation for the rest of the week. May I take a message and ask her to return your call when she returns?”

Route calls to someone else. Say you’re unavailable and your colleague has graciously offered to handle your calls in your stead. Choose “Calls to Other” online or in the app and add who you’d like calls to go to in the Special Instructions section. We’ll let callers know: “Greg is handling Sharon’s calls today. Let me try his line for you!”

In addition to updating your Status online and in the iPhone app, you’re welcome to call us at 866-611-7829 or email us. All of our receptionists are trained to make these on-the-fly updates and would love to help!

And of course, our Client Services team is also happy to make permanent changes to your account at any time!