Fostering happiness when answering phones
Photo by Eric Fischer

If you’re looking for ways to foster happiness in your callers, you’ve come to the right place!  Our world-class virtual receptionists stand by these tips.  Here are three simple ways to make every telephone answering experience splendid:

Add some greeting to your greeting.

Sure, you can get by just stating your company name, but which of these two greetings would you rather hear on the other end of the line?

Good morning, and thank you for calling Stan’s Refrigerator Repair!  This is Jane.  How may I help you?


Hello.  Stan’s Refrigerator Repair.

There’s no comparison between the two!  Greeting number one packs an amazing first-impression punch.  Rather than taking the humdrum route, begin every call with a Thank you for calling or a Good morning/afternoon, and follow your company name with the lovely How may I help you? If you’re feeling especially friendly, go a step further and include your name in every greeting.  By introducing yourself, you invite your caller to be sociable.  Adding a few words to your greeting takes just seconds, and these small additions make a big difference in every call.

Put some oomph in your “yes.”

What’s the answer everyone wants to hear?  “Yes!”  But why stop there?  Turn good news into great news by dressing up your yes!  Trade “yes” in for one of these standouts:



I’d be happy to!

It would be my pleasure!

Project positivity.

We all have days when we don’t feel our happiest, and if we’re not careful, it can be easy to pass a less-than-sunny disposition on to callers.  The old fake-it-till-you-make-it approach might not work in a lot of situations, but it works wonders over the phone.  When you sound happy, you’re much more likely to make your caller feel happy.  When your caller feels happy, they’re likely to share that happiness through their words and tone.  And when someone shares their happiness with you, you’re likely to feel happy, right?  Problem solved!  You don’t need to be saccharine in order to project positivity when you’re not feeling great — just take a breath, smile, and do your best.  Your caller’s natural reciprocation will help put you on the path to contentment.

How do you cultivate cheer at the office?  We’d love to hear your suggestions!