Good in-house or vitual receptionists alike will confirm information to build trust with callers
Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives

For the fist time in years, I recently updated my billing information with a couple of services over the phone. I am used to managing my bills online, so speaking with live receptionists was a nice change.  Every receptionist I talked to was friendly, upbeat, and helpful.  The Internet is fantastic, but an online update definitely doesn’t boost my mood like a pleasant conversation does.  One thing surprised me, though: The receptionists I spoke with didn’t repeat my name, address, or credit card information back to me automatically.  When I asked them to repeat it, they did happily, and each of these pro receptionists had gathered my information correctly.

Now, I am probably pickier than most customers.  I learned a lot during my years of working as a virtual receptionist at Ruby, and I’ll admit that our standards are pretty high.  If you’re fielding calls, my advice is to confirm the spelling of names and tricky words, and always read back numbers — telephone numbers, addresses, etc. — when gathering information from callers.  (Try using words to confirm letters, and reading from your notes to confirm that you’ve gathered the caller’s information correctly.)  If your callers are anything like me, they’ll appreciate it if you confirm their information, and they’ll notice if you don’t.