We’re all about focusing on the positive at Ruby® Receptionists. Our virtual receptionist team is great at answering questions from callers, and we like to keep our answers free from dead-end replies like “No” and “I don’t know.” Our telephone answering pros knows that with a few key phrases and a desire to help, any question can be met with an upbeat reply.

Here are four tips for keeping every response positive:

Name Drop. You may not be the best person to answer a question, but if you know who is, say that name!

“Can you reset my password?”

“Our technician Tim will be happy to help you with that! I’ll try his line for you.”

This works great for departments, too: “A member of our sales team would love to answer that question for you! I’ll connect you with a sales associate.”

Investigate. When you don’t know an answer, but know how to find it, this phrase is an ideal transition:

“I’d be happy to find out for you! One moment, please.”

NoName Drop. Not sure of the best person or team to field your caller’s question? No problem! These upbeat responses work regardless:

“That’s a great question! I’ll find the best person to answer it for you. Just one moment, please.”

“Great question! I’d be happy to find the best person to answer it, and have that person return your call. May I have your number?”

Bookend With Positivity. When you know the short answer to a caller’s question is “No,” flank that negative with offers of assistance:

“Can the attorney see me at 2:00 today?”

“I’d be happy to let the attorney know you’d like to meet! She’s in court for the rest of the day, but I’ll ask her to call you and set up an appointment. What is the best number for a return call?”

Negative statements are an unhelpful letdown to callers, but luckily, we Rubys have found they can typically be skipped altogether! Got any questions for the best virtual receptionists on the planet? Please Tweet em’ to us @callruby!