Phone Tip: Impressing Callers
Photo by Dominik Gwarek

Being a standout receptionist is not only easier than it might seem, but as the live virtual receptionist team at Ruby® knows, it’s incredibly rewarding. Our telephone answering experts love finding little ways to connect with callers, and provide the best possible call experience.

If you’re looking to do the same, here are four habits to add to your phone repertoire:

Repeat your caller’s name.

As soon as you catch a caller’s name, say it back to ’em. Using a caller’s name is a great way to show you’re listening, and it creates instant rapport. A simple “Thank you, Karen!” does the job perfectly, and if you want to go the extra mile in engaging your caller, add a friendly question: “Thank you, Karen! How are you today?” They may not seem like much, but those seven little words might just make your caller’s day!

Make the most of caller ID.

Got a crackly connection? Not sure how to spell your caller’s name? Didn’t catch the last digit of that phone number? Check caller ID — if what you see is similar to what your caller said, you’ve got a good jumping-off point. Caller ID info isn’t a reliable replacement for basic questions like May I ask who is calling? and May I have your number?, but it’s a helpful tool when your conversation isn’t crystal clear.

Check your work.

Always read phone numbers back to callers when taking messages — it’s the easiest way to confirm you’ve taken a number down correctly, and it reassures the caller that the person they’re trying to reach will be able to return the call. The same goes for email addresses, web addresses, and physical addresses. Read all contact info back for confirmation, and use a spelling alphabet to confirm any tricky letters.

Don’t miss out on manners.

Say “please” and “thank you,” and say them often. When you’re thanked, reply with a heartfelt “You’re welcome!” And if your caller is kind enough to ask how you’re doing, show your appreciation, then do the same: “Thanks so much for asking, Karen! I’m having a great day. How about you?”