Phone Tips: Connecting with Callers
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Every member of our live virtual receptionist team is superb at fielding calls, but it’s the desire to connect with callers that makes us more than just an answering service. We answer lots of calls at Ruby®, and we know that no matter how brief a call may be, there’s always an opportunity to brighten a caller’s day. If you’re in the telephone answering game, we’d love to help you enrich your exchanges with callers.

You may just have a minute or two with each caller, but here are three ways to make those minutes count:

Kick off your call with an engaging question. 

When crafting your company’s greeting, we suggest including an offer of assistance like “How may I help you?” Asking a friendly question right off the bat shows your eagerness to help, and invites your caller to express any needs, ask any questions, or just chat. Plus, it sounds good!

Use your caller’s name.

You may not have the opportunity to learn a lot about your caller, but chances are you’ll learn one thing: the caller’s name. Why not use it? A simple “Thank you, Charlie,” or “I’m happy to help you with that, Kim,” does the job perfectly. While you’re at it, introduce yourself! “Thanks so much, Henry. My name is Jane. I’ll patch you through to Ms. Smith’s line now.”

Skip the “Hold” button.

When you need a moment to look up a phone number or reference a file, chat with your caller rather than placing the caller on hold. No need to rack your brain for clever conversation starters — standbys like “How are you today?” and “How’s your day going?” are great ways to connect with callers. It may be brief, but your conversation could make a big impact. A bit of friendly engagement might morph your caller’s mood from gloomy to great!

Got any tips for making a big impact on a short call? We’d love it if you’d share — Tweet us @callruby!