Receptionist Messages
Photo by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M

As a new employee, making a stellar impression is especially important. The virtual receptionist team at Ruby® knows that little actions can make a big difference in someone’s day. If you’re answering phones for a new employer, take a moment to ask these questions — you might discover a new way to help your employer, and that’s a great way to WOW!

  • “Do you have a preference between written messages and voicemail?” Although most folks have both options available, sometimes one is preferable to the other. If you know what your employer wants, you can steer callers in that direction. Is your employer unsure which is better? This post offers some points to consider.
  • “Is there any specific information you’d like me to gather in messages?” Every good message should include the caller’s name, telephone number, and, of course, their message. Collecting a bit more information may be a boon to your employer. If email is a favored method of communication, for example, gathering your caller’s email address when taking a message could make your boss’s day a lot easier. Even if your employer is happy with a basic message, asking this question is sure to impress.
  • “Would you like an email notification when I connect a caller to voicemail?” Every time we transfer a caller to voicemail at Ruby, our virtual receptionists send an email with the caller’s name. Clients love this feature because it helps them prioritize; if a call is urgent, the message can be reviewed right away. And even if callers choose to hang up before the beep, our clients are in the know. Sending voicemail notification emails is super easy, and may be a big help to your employer.

Can you suggest any questions to ask a new employer? We’d love to hear them!