Photo by Nate Steiner

Today, our virtual receptionist team shares another tip for setting solid expectations for callers: Know your employer’s preferences.

Perhaps your boss checks her voicemail regularly, but rarely reviews her email — guiding callers toward voicemail is likely to ensure a quicker response time. Or maybe it’s just the opposite: The boss favors email over phone conversations, and encouraging callers to email her directly is the way to go. Knowing what your employer prefers can help you help your callers, and make life easier for your boss to boot!

The live virtual receptionist team at Ruby® takes pride in providing quality information to our clients and their callers. Our phone answering pros can gather important information before transferring calls, such as an account number or company name. If you’re a voicemail fan, we’re happy to route calls to voicemail, and each time we do, you’ll be emailed a .wav file of the voicemail message and a receptionist-written email containing the caller’s name and caller ID (plus any other info you’d like us to gather before transferring). The Rubys are tops at taking messages, too. Want us to collect an email address with every call? No problem! Got a few questions you’d like us to ask potential new clients? We’re great at that!

Knowing our clients’ needs and preferences allows us to give callers the best experience possible, and helps us provide the exact service our clients seek. Talk about a win-win! We Rubys encourage all of you skilled receptionists out there impress your boss and boost your callers’ satisfaction by learning your employer’s preferences and guiding callers accordingly.

We hope this series of tips has helped you shine like a Ruby! Are there any topics you’d like to see addressed on our blog? Tweet us @callruby — we’d love to know what you’re interested in reading about!