I'd be delighted to

Whether you field phone calls daily or pick up the receiver on rare occasions, you can turn any exchange into a powerful touchpoint for your business. Here’s how!

Make the most of your words.

A friendly, professional tone is key to making a great impression on callers, and with an upbeat tone, even lackluster replies like “uh-huh” and “okay” can be pleasant. But why not use words that are guaranteed to wow? Try saying “absolutely” without exuding enthusiasm — it’s darn near impossible! Pepper your conversations with cheerful words and phrases like these, and even a 30-second exchange can make a positive impact on your caller:

My pleasure!

I’d be delighted to!




Thank you!

You’re welcome!

…and there are plenty more where that came from!

Showcase your confidence.

Exuding confidence isn’t about having all the answers — it’s about being prepared for any question. That may seem contradictory, but it’s easier to handle tough questions and keep callers happy than you might think. When you’re faced with a tricky question or an odd request, replies like this will buy you the time to find the solution:

Great question! I’ll be happy to find the best person to answer it.

Wonderful! I’ll put you in touch with the best person to help you.

Once you’ve given your confident response, place your caller on hold and find the team member best suited to help. Piece of cake!

Roadblock? What’s a roadblock?

What if you’re faced with a tricky situation, and you aren’t able to find the solution while your caller waits on hold? It’s okay! Really. Keep your confidence up and return to your caller with a solid reply like this:

Thank you so much for your patience! Let me do a little more research and find out for you. May I return your call later this afternoon?

Although the caller’s question isn’t answered with the response above, the is takeaway isn’t “I don’t know,” but “I will help you no matter what.” It’s your desire to help that counts!

How do you keep your telephone conversations positive? We’d love to hear from you!