Fostering Happiness is a key part of what we do every day here at Ruby® Receptionists. From each virtual receptionist spreading cheer with every phone call she answers, to our Client Services Associates making clients’ days easier, we have happiness on the brain.

With this “in mind,” a few months ago we had positive psychologist Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener train with our staff managers and speak at our quarterly staff meeting. Every time we meet with Dr. Robert we are even more inspired, so we invited him to partner with Ruby to share his happiness insights with us.

After phone answering had ceased for the day, Dr. Robert kicked off the new partnership by speaking with a large group of Rubys. He taught us even more about the importance of a positive attitude when setting and working toward goals. A few days later, Dr. Robert and a colleague popped by for a surprise “Gratitude Visit.” In preparation for the visit we had collected submissions from Rubys on why they appreciate their coworkers. Dr. Robert stopped by to hand out personalized, handwritten thank you notes and silly trinkets to put a smile on everyone’s face:

Positive Psychology at Ruby Receptionists
Virtual receptionist Katie Ann picks her present
Fostering Happiness at Ruby Receptionists
Staff Manager Ang Gray is delighted by the surprise!

The “Gratitude Visit” went over smashingly, and our normally cheerful virtual receptionists were even more friendly (if that’s even possible!). The appreciative notes gave us a boost of positive energy, and I know that whenever I look at my note or present, I am reminded of that warm feeling. I can’t wait to see what Dr. Robert has in store for us next!