Proper conference call etiquette
Photo by Jacob Botter

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you’ve probably picked up on a theme: our virtual receptionists are telephone etiquette pros! Got an upcoming conference call? These five tips from the remote receptionist team at Ruby® will help you keep your phone manners in shape!

Keep it down. Using your phone’s “mute” feature is a great way to ensure that any background noise on your end won’t distract other participants.

  • If you join late, don’t interrupt. Being a bit late isn’t the end of the world, but it can be jarring to other participants if you draw attention to yourself. Instead, click your phone’s “mute” button and listen from whatever point you join the call.
  • For questions and comments, wait for the all-clear. The conference host will likely invite questions and comments when the time is right. If the host doesn’t offer Q&A time, wait until the presentation is complete before speaking up.
  • Introduce yourself. When asking a question, begin by stating your name and company name. “Hi, this is Phoebe from Ruby Receptionists. I have a question about…” And don’t forget to take yourself off of “mute” first!
  • Catch up with class. If you joined late and have a question, make that clear when speaking up, and offer to take your question offline. “Hi, this is Phoebe from Ruby Receptionists. You may have already covered this — if so, I’d be happy to address this through email or another format. I have a question about…”

Have you hosted a conference call? We’re working on a post about conference call hosting tips, and we’d love your input!