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Occasionally, we will receive questions from clients and fellow receptionists about how best to handle an issue, or approach a conversation. While we do our best to provide as much information as possible through our blog, the nuances of tone and language are often best communicated through a more auditory medium.

Which is why we are introducing “Paging  Dr. Ruby: The Video Series!” Each month, our crack team of receptionists and happiness makers will share tips on how to provide the best customer experience to callers. For our first episode, we explore ways to gather information, while avoiding annoying callers with too many questions.

Episode 2: What’s Your Phoneside Manner

Episode 3: Hesitations, Pauses, and Sighs. Oh, My!

Episode 4: How to Use Tone to Create Connections

Episode 5: Turning Frustrated Callers into Happy Ones

Episode 6: Create Connections with Positive Phrasing

Episode 7: Create a Great Mobile Caller Experience

Episode 8: Creating a Culture of Service

Episode 9: Setting Yourself Apart with Personal Connections

Episode 10: Customer Onboarding that WOWs

If you would like to be featured on a future episode of “Paging Dr. Ruby”, post your question in the comments below, send us a Tweet, or reach out via email. Dr. Ruby is in the house, and ready to help!