Own Multiple Businesses? Ruby’s Virtual Receptionists Can Help!

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Are you an entrepreneur who is involved with more than one business? You’re not alone! It takes an imaginative person to start a business, and often that creativity spills over into two or more different enterprises. We at Ruby® have noticed this trend, and since we’re in the business of making your day easier, we’ve made it a snap to have our virtual receptionists support all of your ventures.

Here are three ways Ruby makes it easy for you:

Distinct greetings for each company. Our virtual receptionists will see each business as its own separate company, so you can have us answer phones with a personalized greeting for each! Check out our previous post 3 Ways to Make Your Company’s Greeting Great for advice on how to craft the perfect opening for each.

Have different instructions for each business. Not only can you have different greetings, we can actually handle your calls differently. We can transfer calls to you live for one business and just take messages for the other, for example — and we can even specificy different email addresses to keep your messages separate!

Share the pool of minutes! Say your companies use about 100 receptionist minutes combined. You don’t have to pay for two separate plans (which would be $418 a month); with an additional setup fee and $20 a month, they can actually share one Plan A! Each month we’ll send you an itemized list of your calls, broken down by business, so you can see how your minutes are being used.

We’re always looking for ways to make your day a little better, and setting up “additional lines,” as we call them, is just one more way Ruby’s not your average answering service. Are you a current client who has Ruby answering phones for more than one of your companies? We’d love to hear how it’s going! Feel free to post a comment below!

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