Ruby's virtual receptionist serviceRuby® Receptionists is not a traditional answering service. We’re not a call center. And we’re certainly not a recorded auto-attendant. We’re a live virtual receptionist service and a unique one at that.

What makes Ruby different?

Our virtual receptionists.

First and foremost, it is our friendly, cheerful, professional receptionists that make Ruby different than other answering services. We hire the best and the brightest virtual receptionists, and we make sure that every Ruby fits in with our unique culture (what answering service has Core Values like Ruby’s?).

Our receptionists are people people who enjoy getting to know our clients and helping their businesses succeed.

Top-notch technology.

Having such talented virtual receptionists, we had to have technology to match!

This year, we completely revamped our communication platform: feature-rich software customized specifically for Ruby, the best phone lines available today, a mobile-friendly member services area with real-time call reports and a wealth of information, not to mention an iPhone app! And we’re not stopping there; we value innovation so much that we even have a full-time Software Architect who is continuing to improve our service and add new features (shout out to Steve!).


Some answering services don’t have the ability to transfer calls to you live — but Ruby can! In fact, our virtual receptionists are happy to connect your calls to you whenever and wherever you like!

Feel free to keep us in the loop and give us a virtual tap on our shoulders as your instructions change (Working from home today; please transfer calls to me there, etc.).

Superb sound quality.

Have you ever called a business and heard a buzz of chatter in the background?

It’s a dead giveaway that you’ve reached an answering service. Our virtual receptionists sound like they’re in your office by wearing noise-canceling headsets; we even designed our office floorplan to dampen excess noise. The only thing your caller hears is a warm, welcoming voice on the other end of the line!

Training, training, and, you got it, more training.

At Ruby, we don’t have just one stale piece of training; we have Ruby University, our ongoing, thorough training program. The professors? Our staff managers (Star Service and Receptionist Cultivators, as we call ’em), Team Captains, and Phoebe Osborn, our Training Writer, all of whom started at Ruby as virtual receptionists themselves.

Our managers have one-on-one meetings with receptionists bi-weekly to check in, brush up on training, and share info about new features. They and our Team Captains also sit with their team members frequently to listen in on calls and make sure everything’s going swimmingly.

Our goal is to make our clients’ lives easier and happier, and a combination of our unique culture and our commitment to innovation make Ruby unlike any other answering service around! If you’re considering hiring a virtual receptionist service, feel free to call us at 866-611-7829 — we’d love to help!