New to the Ruby Blog: Ask a Virtual Receptionist!

We’re adding a new feature to the Ruby® blog called “Ask a Virtual Receptionist!” We’re tackling frequently asked questions and submissions from Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, our faithful blog readers — each answered by one of our trained virtual receptionists!

I’d like to kick off the new segment with an example of a question our phone answering pros hear on occasion: “Did he get my email?”

Virtual receptionist Marie R.
Virtual receptionist Marie R.

A simple question, but tricky for any receptionist (in-house or otherwise!) to answer. “I don’t know; I don’t have access to his email,” is an honest response, but it can sound unfriendly or unprofessional. So how would a Ruby respond? Let’s ask one of our virtual receptionists, Marie R.!

What would you do if someone asked: “Did he get my email?”

Marie R.: “I would say, ‘I would be happy to see if he is available to speak with you about your email. Just one moment, please.” And if the other party wasn’t available, “He is away from his phone at the moment. I would be happy to send him a message, and he can confirm that he received your email.”

There you have it! Each virtual receptionist may have a slightly different response up her sleeve (it wouldn’t be sincere if they were all the same!), but every Ruby is just as pleasant and willing to help.

Do you have a question for Ruby? If you’ve got a question, Ruby’s got a friendly, professional-sounding answer — all you have to do is ask!

Post in the comment section below or email for your chance to be featured on the Ruby blog!

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