Like many people, I learned the power of the word “please” at a young age.  Whether seeking a cookie before dinner or an extra five dollars of allowance money, my parents taught me that I wouldn’t get far without the magic word.

When I started working as a virtual receptionist at Ruby Receptionists, I found two new magic words: Let me.  At Ruby, we field calls for small businesses across the country, and in doing so, our receptionists are asked hundreds of questions each day.  Our aim is to be helpful in every exchange, and meet the needs of our clients and their callers as best we can.  Regardless of whether we know an answer to a question, we always respond by offering assistance, and one sure-fire way to ensure a helpful response is to begin it with the words Let me.  The next time you’re asked a tricky question, give Let me a try, and see the magic for yourself!

Let me find out for you.

Let me look into that for you.

Let me try her line for you.

Being helpful is a way of life at Ruby.  We know that attitude is what counts, and a little eagerness and kindness goes a long way. Let us show you our stuff!